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Saturday, August 15, 2009

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Hi all,
Here is a quick series of tasting notes for our Bordeaux secrets 6 pack that was advertised in the NY Times. These are great wines and a nice tour through the region!

Chateau Bellevue Rougier Bordeaux 750ML 2006:
Color: Nice light red, a little clay.
Nose: Mineral, a hint of flowers, a hint of plum.
Palate: Mineral a hint of earth, spice and a strong streak of acidity. Nice.

Chateau de Lugagnac Bordeaux 750ML 2006:
Color: Dark red, a bit of purple.
Nose: Clean cherry fruit, a hint of earth and a bit of clove.
Palate: More cherry, some plum and a nice soft texture. Good finish.

Les Sources du Chateau de la Riviere 750ML 2003:
Color: Rich, still pretty red, but moving in to darker colors.
Nose: Nice complexity, good notes of plum, coco, earth.
Palate: Pretty, nice smooth texture, rewarding and complex.
My personal favorite of the tasting!

Chateau Roland La Garde Premieres Cotes de Blaye 750ML 2006:
Color: Purple, a hint of red.
Nose: Nice with hints of coco and vanilla, plum, Cinnamon
Palate: Soft, round, and fruited. A good finish. Pleasant

Chateau Real 750ML 2007:
Color: Rich purple with a slight fade at the edges.
Nose: Vanilla, Mineral, plum and coco.
Palate: Firm but soft tannins, pleasant fruit. A good wine.

Chateau Tour de Gilet 750ML 2005:
Color: Inky and dark purple.
Nose: Berry, leather, intense and leaping out of the glass.
Palate: Intense and rich with dark berry flavors. Really intense!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy these wines and note the special sampler price!


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