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Thursday, July 23, 2009

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So yesterday I invited a bunch of famous New York wine bloggers to 67 wine to write some tasting notes; and taste with the customers. For this event the guest writers were Lyle Fass  of Rocks and Fruit; Karen Ulrich of Imbibe and Zachary Adam Cohen of Farm to Table. This event was a lot of fun. They all got to introduce their writing to some of our customers, and it is always fun to taste blind.

So- before I reveal the wines i thought i would post my tasting notes. Then I'll post the notes that each of them wrote- with pointers to photos, and films, and each of their blogs.

White Wine #2- Nutty, a slightly bitter flavor with almond and floral notes, not particularly complex, but solidly made.
Karen's Notes read:
Taking a turn towards the stonier fruits, this one’s the color of yellow straw with aromas of candied apricot and peach.

White Wine #1- The wine of the day. Great complexity, grass, amonia, minerals, apples, quince, amazing legnth and texture. Great lightness and nice flavor on the palate. Intense, delicous and far and away the wine of the day.
Mr. Fass notes: 
A nose that made me scream "Dagueneau!", "Cepas Velhas!", "Txakolina!" until I finally settled on Austrian Sauvignon Blanc.
Karen says: Pale straw in color, with a powerful nose! Passion fruit, grass, a touch of minerality, and a bit catty. Delicious!

Rose- This showed a bit of strawberry bubble gum, or strawberry yogurt. It was ok, but lacking intensity or any acidity.
Lyle comments:

The 3rd Wine is a rose that smells like ethanol and and tastes like nothing. Poof. Nothing.  Strawberry fruit that is light and elegant but also with a forced sweetness.
Karen thought:
The strangest color I’ve ever seen! Neon pink with a trace of salmon–surreally electric in color…artificial strawberry yogurt on the nose and palate.
Red Wine #1- intense, ripe fruit, overpowering fruit, little grip, and very low acidity. ok.
Lyle says:

The 1st Wine is a red with a nose of sweet cherry, well-water and dustiness. I yelled out Sangiovese!" and one person argued it was not. We'll see. The palate was sickly sweet and seemed forced. There is a trace of dusty tannins on the finish and it was
not horribly made. I was wrong as it turned out when the wine was revealed. Way wrong. But that's the beauty of spoofilation it can taste like it comes from anywhere!

Karen Says:
Simple, easy drinking wine. Tastes like a sangiovese; we’ll wait and see…

Red Wine #2- Much dryer, very french . . .good verital character- but acidic. Gained weight on the palate as it sat open- grew in fruit; but did not gain the typical graphite and bacon fat notes that this grape usually has.
Lyles comments before the reveal:

The 2nd Wine started out herbal and funky on the nose but soon the palate developed a sweetness that I found off putting. It got sweeter and sweeter. And oakier and oakier.

Karen notes:
Ruby red with soft vegetal aromas, earth, and spice.
I’m left with a coated mouth and a slightly sour cherry/sour milk finish.

So- the reveal:
White Wine #2 was the Quattro Mani Toh Kai from Movia Winery in Brda Slovinia.

White Wine #1 was The amazing  Jutta Ambrositsch Gemischter Satz! This was again far and away the wine of the day for me!! just great. A special thanks to Paul of Darcy and Huber for the bottle!
Mr. Fass coments after knowing what the wine was:
It was revealed to be something actually pretty interesting. It was the 2007 Jutta Ambrositsch Wiener Gemischter Satz Sommeregg Reserve which is wine from the vineyards within the city limits of Vienna. On the web site of the importers Darcy and Huber its says that apparently the Wiener Gemischter Satz is the only winner of the Slow Food Ark of Taste and Presida award for authentic winemaking.

The Rose was Domaine Deux Anes Corbieres 2008.
Post reveal comments from Lyle:
How about this? It's the 2008 Domaine des Deux Anes Corbieres Rose. Natural wine. Sometimes it's just a bit too natural. I'm sure if we kept opening bottles one of 'em would be good. This was like $16.99 or something

Red Wine #1 was O Fornier Centauri Red 2007
Lyles Coment after the reveal:
The wine was 2007 Bodega Fournier "Centauri Red". So the modern Sangiovese I thought this wine was, turned out to be a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carignan (yes that's right) Carignan blend from Argentina. Blind tasting is humbling. I am humbled.

Red Wine #2 was Domaine De Bonserine Cote Rotie La Sarrasine 2005.
Lyle after the reveal:
This turned out to be   marked down to $19.99 from $44.99. Even marked down I did not like it but can see the appeal as it is $20 Cote Rotie.

Great discussions of biodynamics, and organics, of faked or spofulated wines, of taste and web 2.0 ideas, about the future of wine criticism. Great fun day. I have a lot of respect for each of our guest writers, and really enjoyed having their presence in the store. According to the Biodynamic almanc- yesterday was a leaf day. Some people feel that this affects the way that things taste (especially wine!) and could account for what was a poor showing buy rather the majority of the wines we poured.

Here is a few comments from Zachary's blog
Fun stuff all over. Here’s a sip, and be careful to spit!
His blog contains some great shots, and a couple of links to films as well as a great deal of info on food and sustainablity issues here in the city. Just amazing information, and a great writer who's cheeses and bread made the tasting that much more fun. Also- Zachary is very technically savvy; he was posting the photos live to twitter, facebook and films as well to those sites as well as youtube! Very web 2.0- totally geeky and cool as can be!

Here are links to images and the 2 videos.

Thanks so much for all of that work you guys, I'm glad you had a good time!


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