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Monday, June 15, 2009

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Hi all,

So- I took a few bottles with me on a trip to Northhampton, Ma. This neat little town is home to Smith College. There is an event there every year called Django in June. This is a music camp and two concerts that happen every year in the month of June. I  went to learn, teach and hang out- some of you might know about my band Franglais . . which has some relation to the music of Django Reinhardt and Gypsy jazz in general. Its a great opportunity to get together with friends- who can help me drink!

The bottles I chose this year were a bottle of Cour-Cheverny from Domaine du Moulin Les Petits Acacias. This unique wine from the Loire Valley is imported by famous natural wine importer Joe Dressner. Its made of a grape called Romorantin! A neat grape which when well made is delicious, nutty and complex with notes of flowers and a great dry crisp refreshing mouthfeel- just fun interesting wine. The other white wine was a Muscadet from great producer Domaine Pierre de la Grange; however we did not get to open this wine!

For a red I brought a bottle of young Bordeaux from Champ des Treilles. This Bordeaux wine is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet and Cabernet Franc. Made biodynamically, exciting and tasty this was delicious and fun to drink- it started the night with a slight chill, and developed into its normal earthy self. Notes of plum, cherries, and coco followed by a developing palate that coats a bit and leaves a nice lingering finish. Fun to drink.

Finally I took a few roses with me. One, the Provance wine Costelplane was quite good in a "very pale" rose style. Notes of quince, apricot and mango followed by a dry refreshing palate. The glass left you wanting a bit more or a bit of cheese or nuts. Pech Redon makes a rose wine in the Coteaux de Languedoc La Clape. Their rose is delicous in a more heavy darker style- The extraction and fruit shine through, and unlike their red which is quite live with very bright acidity this wine has a much smoother profile. Notes of apple, cherry, marzipan and earth. It was a fun easy quaffer that my music student friends couldn't resist. The wine did get a couple of comments on the color; a lovely dark red that still manages to look like a rose!

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