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Friday, June 26, 2009

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Hi all,

Yesterday we played host to Troy of Jenny and Francois Selections. They are importers of fine natural wines from France. The wines are great. The tasting was designed to showcase some of the new wines we carry from their portfolio. Natural wines at the very least means to me that the wine is hand made with no use of  pesticides or herbicides, and has no designer yeast. The wines we tasted and have in stock are all of these things at a minimum. I will post two tasting notes here, and I hope you will try the wines and enjoy them!

Isa White, Vin de Pays, Cotes de Thongue, 2007.

A delicious organic white wine that is made from the classic Rhone grapes Marsanne and Rousanne with a touch of Viognier in there as well. This wine is great, fun and easy with a nice refreshing acidity and a great touch of fresh fruits. It starts out a bit mineral, but after being open for a little while it really opens up into a sweet grapefruit compote flavor and a hint of Meyer lemons. Nice medium finish, and very little spice. All in all a fun summer quaffer.

Rose Corbieres, Domaine des Deux Anes, 2008

A mostly Grenache Rose made Biodynamically! The label even has a picture of the two donkeys (a politic way of translating the name of the wine from french to english) that help the growers work the land on it! Fantastic Rose that starts out with spicy notes, then shows a great sense of terrior with a hint of earth on the nose. After opening the wine, it slowly develops into an excellent
crisp rose of medium red berry character. Fun with a long finish for this type of wine, and a hint of peppercorn on the finish. Enjoy!

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