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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Hi all.
Once again thanks to a generous client I was able to attend a nice dinner with some nice gentlemen and drink a bunch of interesting wines. The theme was based on the world travels of our host- and included wines from many interesting places in Europe, Africa, and the Middle east.

The first wine of the night was the Blanc Du Castel 05. This is a Chardonnay from Israel, and a nice interesting new world style wine. Its clearly harvested pretty ripe, and put through new oak barrels in the best traditions of Napa. Pretty, with wood and a lot of good fruit, some creamy notes of lees aging. Nice- but to oaky for my taste. A good first wine to wake us up, and remind us that wines don't always come from expected places- a theme that would last through the night!

Typically at tasting nights such as this people typically start with a bottle of bubbly. Today we did this backwards, starting with a still wine and then moving on to the bubbles. This of course was the bottle above- a bottle of Movia Puro; made by Alec Kristanc in Brda, Slovenia! This is perhaps the "showcase" of the night . . .its a bit difficult to open; The wine is not disgorged - the process of removing the dead cells of yeast from the secondary fermentation (the one that makes it have bubbles). This means that you as a consumer have to do this. Its a lot of fun! Chill the bottle upside down, then take the cage off, place the bottle in cold water and loosen the cork- it will shoot out into the water with the dead yeast cells- then flip the bottle rather quickly out of the water without pouring too much wine in the bucket. It smells of strawberries, bread and stone- and evolves quite slowly, so drink not to fast- to let the nose develop. I loved it!

Wine from Lebanon! This is the most famous and oldest of the wineries in the Bekaa Valley, the best appellation in Lebanon. Owned by Gaston Honchar, and made in a decidedly french style as if making a high end Bordeaux. By general consensus this was the wine of the night- as in the one that surprised the most people. It is a delicious mix of traditional Bordeaux varietals with Carignan added in for spice. Medium bodied and intense with notes of candy, cassis, kirsch and earth- and just a hint of barnyard and mint. Tasty!

Sorry for the photo quality, but this was an amazing bottle of wine- by everyone's judgment the overall best on the day- even better then the Musar; though that was more suprising! In case its to blurry, the bottle is a bottle of La Mission Haut Brion 1998. Earthy, young and still very powerful this was a very typical Graves wine. Nice nose of blackberry, coco and just a hint of herbaceousness. I enjoyed it very much.

 Coming up on the last wine here- this was a bottle of red dessert wine made of the Raboso grape in the Veneto Region of Italy. Served with the cheese plate it went perfectly- intense with notes of raspberry, chocolate and spice it was like sweeter version of a Grenache. Beautiful and fun.

As a final wine- the Kracher Trockenbeerenauslese Cuvee 10, from 1999 . . .amazingly sweet and thick this dessert wine was over the top for my taste. Apples, candy, sugar and cream without to much acidity, but still just barely balanced- it was a nice way to end the night!

Thanks to the Guys, and I hope you enjoyed reading about this great tasting. . . the wines we carry are linked in the pictures, so please- if one of these appeals to you- click on the photo to get our sales page for that wine.



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