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Monday, May 11, 2009

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So I was recently asked to put together a Wine 101 tasting for a friend who has just started in the wine business. He wanted to taste all of the major wines of the world in one sitting (while this is not really possible, its a fun challenge). We put together a list of wines, and a list of information that he should know. I thought I could post the wines and some tasting notes for them.

Wine 1:

Smile Poysecco: A sparkling wine from Austria made from gruner vetliner and gelber muskateller. Clean, fruity and bubbles with a large bubble feel and nice apricot and citrus fruit. Simple, fun easy apertif wine. 2 out of 10 were very into this (it had gone flat before several people got it- an oversite on my part . . . apologies!)

Wine 2:

Fleury Cordon Rouge Brut NV: The first biodynamic producer from Champagne; a great complex, crisp champagne with notes of citrus and soil. Not a lot of wood or forest on this one. Great. 3 out of 10 were very into this.

Wine 3:

Clos Roche Blanche Touraine Sauvignon Blanc: A great Loire Valley wine with notes of lemon, soil, and nuts. Very complex and quite dry . . . just delicious. The most liked wine of the night; 9 out of ten were very into this.

Wine 4:

Sedgna Napa Chardonna: I did not really like this wine, oaked and candy with notes of applesauce, wood and candy . . .simple and overextracted. It is well made, and  good wine - just really not my thing.
1 of 10 were into this (she and I disagreed!)

Wine 5:

Martinshof Gruner Vetliner Lifeball: A great example of a Gruner; crisp and clean with very Gruner notes - apple, citrus fruit, white pepper. Perfect Gruner. This was liked by about half the people, 6 out of ten. Also,a pairing note - went perfectly with the great local asparagus that my amazing wife cooked!

I'll save the reds and the dessert wine for tommorow.

Thanks for reading.


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