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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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So I was recently asked to put together a wine 101 tasting for a friend who has just started in the wine business. He wanted to taste all of the major wines of the world in one sitting (while this is not really possible- its a fun challenge). We put together a list of wines, and a list of information that he should know. I thought I post the red wines and some tasting notes for them.

Marsannay J. Roty, 2002: Great Red Burgundy. Pinot noir comes out clean and well made. A touch of earth, soil, cherry, and dark spices of cinnamon and cardamom . Great flavor and texture with a nice long finish. The first red to be opened, and the first wine to be finished as well! 9 out of 10 were into this.

Eric Texier Cotes Du Rhone Chasclan 2007: The second to last red opened . . and thus a very short note! Syrah, Grenache, clean, still a bit tight but showed well. Nice.

Lascombes 2004: an example of a Margeaux. Big bold, with low notes of sandalwood, high notes of vanilla, lots of extraction and size . . decent, well made and really not my thing! Still, a lot of people enjoyed it. 5 out of ten were into this.

Beychevelle 1975: The 'old' wine of the tasting. I have a few of these, and thought it would be good to get some feedback on how they were tasting . . All in all the wine of the night in my opinion, and several other people agreed. smooth and great- good color with brick red middle section and fading to pink at edges. nose of earth, strawberry and plum with hints of minerality and orange peel, cinnamon, and black pepper. Complex and delicious with smooth palate and still containing a lot of life, but no tannin left. This was drunk right at the right time! Great. 9 of ten people were really into this.



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