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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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I can never seem to catch up, but I'm trying to post at least a few notes a week.

Vidal Fleury Cotes du Ventoux - Good, solid, well made Rhone blend. Tasty, good with food, certainly a good value. My only issue with it is that it's a little boring, but that is mostly because I drink so many Rhone wines (I'm the buyer) that I'm always looking for something a little different. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this; most people don't drink as many Cotes du Rhone as I do.

Fougery de Beauclair Bourgogne Rouge - We had tuna steaks, so I decided to try this well priced Bourgogne Rouge. All Bourgogne Rouge is, by law, 100% Pinot Noir. Another good, solid well made wine. It's on the light side, flavor wise, and fairly simple. All the flavors are correct (black cherry, a little cola) and a good wine for a Monday night dinner.

A to Z Pinot Gris - A really delicious little Pinot Gris. We drank this with scallops, dredged in Parmesian cheese, with a sauce made from butter, more cheese and white wine (vermouth). Good acidity, that cut through the sauce. A creaminess that went beautifully. Great citrus and peach flavors that added to the meal. Excellent.

Montinore Pinot Noir - With Salmon. Good Oregon Pinot Noir, Biodynamic. Very straightforward Pinot, with good cherry and black raspberry flavors. Some spice, a hint of more. Could use some bottle age - basic Oregon Pinot Noir, in my experience, peaks three to five years after the vintage. In all, a nice wine for a nice, but simple, dinner.

All of these were at least good, solid values. The real winner of the bunch was the A to Z Pinot Gris, which I really enjoyed. All the rest served exactly the purpose I intended for them. They are good wines that are well priced and very suitable for a mid-week dinner.



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