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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Once again it is the "trade" tasting season. Its a great time of year, good weather (well, ok, hot then cold), nice people  . . . and a whole lot of wine!!!

Tuesday I attended two (yes,two!) tastings. The first was hosted by Domaine Select. Included in this tasting was a great number of the top end wines offered by this company. Wines like Movia, Alfred Graitien, and a host of wines I did not know. The surprise of the tasting was the Chateau Musar wines from Bekka valley in Lebanon. This wine was not new to me, just new to Domaine Select. A great bottle, and from years that were good- just amazing wines. A nice feature of this was the fact that they made available one whites and two reds; from different vintages. Some notes:

Musar 1993: Redish brown, still very deep, with hints of orange at the rim. Nose of cassis, coco, soil and raspberry. Palate of red fruit, smooth with a great long finish.

Musar 1998: A warmer vintage, with plenty of extraction, richness and power. Thankfully less brett then the last time I tasted this wine (in 2003). pretty, smooth and big on the palate with a nose of smoke, soil, blackberries and a bit of vanilla. in the glass color was a deep redish purple, with pink edges.

Musar Blanc 1995: Beautiful intense golden color. Honeyed nose of straw, minerals and lemons. Great dry flavor with nice intensity. All in all pretty good (note grapes are very interesting:Obeideh and Merwah).

We will stock the red, for a start the 1998 as soon as we sell all of our 1999!

Movia has been covered very well before on this blog, and several others- it was nice to taste the new vintage of Veliko Rosso 2002.

Movia Veliko Rosso 02: Rich red color. great nose of grape, minerals, soil and flowers- just everything one could want (this had been open several hours at this point). palate was smooth and pleasant, medium body and pretty- with good fruit, and acidity, great complexity. Nice wine!



PS. Tommorow- notes from the Dressner tasting!


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