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Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Amazing wine from Slovenia. We just got in a few bottles from "rock star" winemaker Ales Kristancic this week. These are great wines grown in a biodynamic way with minimal intervention in the cellar. So much so that the sparkling wine requires us as consumers to disgorge it! We hosted Ales here in our store for a staff tasting in the fall of 2008; the wines are impressive and delicious 'vin natural'. All of the wines are unfined, unfiltered, cloudy but amazingly flavorful and intense. Ales often talks about the energy of the vines. Explaining how he is a bit like a conductor, teaching each vine its role in the shaping of the vineyard, and thus the wine!

Movia is the prime label- with cuvees named Veliko, Lunar, Puro and a varietal labeled Pinot Nero. The Puro Rose sparkling wine is made from 100% Modri Pinot Nero. Delicious and round in flavor with a nice core of fruit and earthy notes. The white Lunar is basically a wine of finesse and beauty with great notes of apple and quince. A spiced midpalate and a great crispness followed by a  really long finish! Just amazing wine.



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