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Friday, March 27, 2009

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Today I'd like to talk about Rose wines!

It is the start of rose season, and today was the first day of amazing weather which inspired me to write this blog. We are happy to have a quite good selection at this point, and of course we are trying to expand the selection.

Several of my favorite wines have already come in in the 2008 vintage. Several more are reorders from last year in wines that we think are drinking even better now. Below is a list with some pertinent information- like weather it is organic or not and a quick tasting note.

Rose Bandol Terrebrune 2007
Amazing, clean and complex organic rose from Bandol

Rose Blanes Catelanes 2008
Catelan rose! Fresh strawberry and minerallity farmed organically and made by a woman winemaker.

Rose Borsao 2008
Fruity and quaffable easy drinker from Spain

Rose Esterelle 2008
Dry and complex a hint of earth an coco as well as red fruit in this provancale rose.

Rose Brun Folie 2008
Organic Rose from Gamay grapes by fantastic winemaker Jean Paul Brun- Just perfect for picnics in the park.

Rose Provance d'Escalans 2007
Provancale Rose thats organic and very pale and refreshing with bright fruit and flavor

Well, that is a short list of what we have in stock so far. More links to be filled in later- all of these wines should be on the website soon- with a few more spots to be filled before rose season really kicks in!



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