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Monday, March 16, 2009

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Hi all,
     We have some new wines in from the south of France. These are unique and exciting wines from exciting producers who are making things that have a great quality for price ratio. The first is our first wine from the Appellation Controlee of Gaillac. The producer is Domaine Des Terrisses. Gaillac is in the heart of the southwest of France. This organically grown wine is made from a blend of 2 "native" French grapes that basically no one has heard of and one you might recognize. The grapes are Braucol and Duras plus a dash of Syrah. The color on this is a rich dark red, with hints of purple. On the nose this wine smells of minerals, jam, berries, and bricks. Great bright wine with a long finish and just a hint of spice.

     Next up we have two wine from the Cotes de Provance estate Domaine du Jas D'esclans. The red is a typical provancal red blend, Syrah, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon. A purple black beauty of a wine, with great size and a big mouthfeel, this certified organic red has a great mellow flavor. Scents of garrige, herbs and red fruit come wafting out of the glass, followed by a hint of woodsy earthyness. Fun to drink, and great for nights out at the barbeque. Last, but not least we also snagged the rose from Jas D'esclans! Fantastic mellow rose to drink outside in the sun. Light, refreshing and crisp, but not so light as to have nothing. This wine is pale pink and shows notes of strawberry, liqorice and earth. Fantastic new wines from two new estates for you to try.
Thanks for reading. Next time: New Half Bottles!


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