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Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Today I'd like to chat about wine prices...

Yes, those of us who work in the wine trade are aware of the recession. Yes to some extent it is affecting our business. We are working very hard with our customers to attempt to drive our average price down without really any sacrifice in quality. Of course, this is a struggle, but we are trying quite hard.

An industry wide problem is that a lot of distributors who we buy from are still suffering from the prices they paid when the Euro was quite strong against the Dollar. This is changing as they move into stock that was purchased more recently . . but slower then we would like.

This is much more of a problem in spirits then wine. One way we are working on this problem is that we are trying to get better relationships with our suppliers and we are trying to take in our usual interesting range of great wine. We are also trying to lower our price by buying in somewhat larger quantities.




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