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Thursday, February 19, 2009

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I am suffering from my first cold of the season . . .so dreadful. What a pain! I had to cancel two tasting appointments, and miss a great Austrian wine tasting today with Darcy and Huber. This is a great company, owned by a friend and client. They are bringing in really exciting wines that we hope to feature soon! I hope I feel better tomorrow! There are a bunch of cool events starting up tomorrow around the return to Terroir event here in NYC. This event only comes to the East Coast once in a great while (the last one was two years ago) and the organization was founded by the patron saint of biodynamics in France, Mr. Nicholas Joly. It should be a lot of fun. Reviews to come. The first big event for us around this is a tasting you can all come to with Tony Coturri here on the second floor of the store in our tasting area. He will be here to answer questions about the great Zin, Cabernet, Pinot and blends that he makes with all organic fruit! Its going to be great!



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