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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Hi all,
     This months wine blogging Wednesday was a great theme; I thought I'd get in on the action. This month was hosted by the twisted oak head honcho el jefe at his blog el bloggo torcido. The theme was breakfast (wines you could drink with breakfast food); but the wines can't be sweet, off dry, or sparkling! What a challenge! I love it! So, My choice actually was a new wine that just came into our store Lard' Des Choix rouge.
      This wine from the ardeche area in southern france is just great. Light enough to be amazing, yet has the red fruit and stony mineral elements as well as a hint of gamey flavors that let it work with the classic breakfast plate of bacon and eggs. The wine is natural, bottled with little or no sulfur, and of course farmed organically. Made in a partnership with Ribo of Dard et Ribot and Herve Souhaut a very natural wine for a great start to the day; pair it with bacon from wild boar and omlets with wild fresh mushrooms . . outside near a river in the morning, heavenly!
      El Jefe also asked about the weirdist thing we have eaten or drank for breakfast . . Mine is Raki, from about 5.40 am to 12 noon while at a music festival. After no food for the rest of the morning- a hedgehog at 2.30pm followed by more very seriously large amounts of raki (its a bit of a blur!). I occasionally take home a bottle of the stuff we have here, but without the vibe it isn't the same experience, and suprisingly no butcher will sell me a hedgehog in nyc!

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  1. I've had ouzo as an apertif before, but never Raki. I love bacon and eggs just about anywhere, anytime and am will consider this organic wine as an OJ replacement.


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