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Friday, January 23, 2009

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That's right. And the mac & cheese was a lot better than the Champagne.

A couple of years ago, the NY Times published a two recipes for mac & cheese in the food section. One was called crunchy, the other was called creamy. My wife, who is a really good cook, has experimented with the crunchy until it is now incredibly good. It's real cheese and it's seasoned and it's delicious.

We paired(?) it with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot she was given as a holiday gift. Now, Clicquot was never my favorite Champagne, at least the Yellow Label (NV). The Gold Label (vintage) is excellent, and the Grande Dame is wonderful, but the Yellow has always been too citrusy for me.

This Yellow Label reminded me, more than anything else, of Pinot Grigio with bubbles. It isn't as tart as it used to be. While I never liked the way that tartness was carried forward, it was at least real. This bottle wasn't bad; it was too inoffensive to be bad. It just didn't have enough flavor. I guess it's been too long since I had more than a taste of it.

When someone asks me to recommend a Pinot Grigio, I try to steer them to the ones that have real flavor. I've heard, more often than you would imagine, that the buyer doesn't want one with flavor. The reason they drink Pinot Grigio is because it doesn't bite back. For myself, I like wine with edges.

I always recommended Perrier Jouet and Piper Heidseick for people who only drink Champagne on special occasions, because they were always the softest (lower acidity). Well, soft has a new champion, and I shouldn't be surprised. It wasn't just marketing that put Clicquot on top - they changed the juice to reach the lowest common denominator. P-J and Piper, while still soft, at least have some flavor. I'll still recommend them for that reason; but I'll ask what kind of wine the buyer generally drinks. If it's Pinot Grigio, well, that's a person who will love Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.




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