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Monday, December 1, 2008

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We are in the middle of the high season, and I have very little time to write. Still, I think that people deserve to know about these wines- so here it is; but first a note.
Happy Holidays, please make yours happy and safe!

I went to my family's annual party and gathering on thanksgiving- lots of good food and sweets, and mostly wine that I brought. The first - Iron horse Blanc de Blanc '98. Good, fun, and a great dry apertif. Next- Pierre Chermette Beaujolais 07 . . amazing with turkey and really beautiful and light- the winner of the night for me. Then a bit more volume- Descendientes Petalos 06- on first opening this was very grippy and stiff, but like a good band losened up after the first day and got really grapey and full bodied. Nice and interesting. Finnally a bottle of California fortified wine from Jessandra 1996. Great stuff- clean fruit, hints of soil and quite sweet without any nuttyness or "burn". All in all fun wines to drink while visiting family and meeting new family.


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