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Saturday, December 6, 2008

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So recently I have been trying to figure out what sherry wines are all about. These are of course wines from the Jerez part of Spain. In this area, there are some very interesting methods for making wine. Sherries are fortified wines, raised in a solera system which lends them an amazing array of styles and sweetness. The solera system is a method by which the barrels of wine are stacked up, with the younger (and drier) wines on the top, and the sweeter wines are on the lower sections- occasionally the wines are moved from barrel to barrel, from top to bottom - adding complexity to the lower sections. Great wines are made this way- both vintage blends and occasionally fully single year bottles. We have most styles of Sherry- my two current favorites are the La guita half bottle, dry and complex with almond and bright fruit notes; pretty and great with salad or light tapas. My other current favorite is the Lustau Pedro Zimenex san emilio- total the opposite, sweet, inky and full bodied this is a great dessert wine and perfect for drinking on cold nights. Sherries are great and quite undervalued wines that can provide great drinking particularly in the winter season.


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