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Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Well, we are for sure in the thick of it now, and very little time to write! Today was an absolute madhouse and in fact as I write this blog, the shipping guys (Yuri and Tony) are still here pulling orders for tommorow (THANK YOU GENTS!)! Our new night manager Oun is helping them and I am trying to help us catch up on internet orders. Wow- lots going on. Yesterday we tasted some Krug champagne, and hosted a great tasting sponsored by WQXR radio for Biodynamic Austrian Wines! very cool, very fun and some nice wines to tast for the day. Today was a another great tasting hosted by the always informative Tad from Skurnick. Great wines. Last tasted, but first in price the amazing Aubry De Humbert 2002 vintage champagne. Tad and I were discussing the vintage, which he veiws as the best scince 1990. This wine showed up and drinks great right now, but will age easy another 15 years. Pale gold in color with a incredible mouse (very nice small bubbles) and a great nose of straw, toast, lemon, salt and stones with a finish that lasts for a while, a great grower champagne!
Enjoy and happy holidays!


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