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Thursday, November 6, 2008

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So, two days ago the most important event in politics in my lifetime happened!!

I was thrilled with the election, and the massive amounts of people who voted; and particularly the amount of people in my generation and younger who found the time and the voice to do their civic duty. I thought I would be dead long before this country got past its old white men club in the high ranks of the executive branch of government.

In any case, NYC went wild as the elections were announced. People were running up and down my block in Brooklyn yelling Obama! Honking their car horns and clapping and cheering. Amazing.

We were at home, toward the end of a rehearsal for our band, and watching the returns. At the end, we broke out a celebratory quaff. One of my favorite Champagnes is Gosset. We carry the Brut, and the Grand Reserve; both of which I think are amazing and drink regularly.

This was so special we drank the amazing vintage '96. This wine is beautiful, with notes of citrus, grapes and toast, and a very long finish balanced by freshness and great acidity. Just an amazing Champagne.

So - where were you when?



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