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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Sunday afternoon, Chris made an anchovy/almond spread we saw on Jacques Pepin's new PBS show (we already have the cookbook.) It looked so good and so easy on TV!

It was easy, but it was way too fishy to put on a cracker. Still, it wasn't that bad. She decided to doctor it up a little (more garlic, add Parmesan) and served it last night over spaghetti. It was much less fishy, and much better, that way.

I brought home a bottle of Urban Uco Torrontes from Fournier (Argentina) to try to match up with the dish. Before dinner, I wasn't in love with the wine. Not a bad wine, but definitely not my favorite Torrontes. I much prefer the La Yunta.

With the food, the wine was somewhat better. Perfectly decent, and went well with the food, and it's at a good price ($8.99). The La Yunta is $12.99, and I think I'll pay the extra money next time.



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