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Monday, November 24, 2008

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Hi all,
Here are some Thanksgiving Day picks from our talented wine buying staff!!

Liz's choices are the recession white- which she describes as cheap and good- great for a fun day or night off!
The Show was Liz's other pick, here are her notes:
Enjoy The Show!
This big and bold and dominated by full flavors of dried black cherries. Jammy layers of spice with sweet notes of a vanilla. Great combination from the central and north coast. full bodied cab with a touch of softness from merlot. The show is aged in French and American oak. Fabulous, fun, enjoyable wine for Thanksgiving. Gobble, Gobble!

Oun's pic is Wild Turkey Bourbon-"The bird is the word!!". What better for turkey day- a spirit from the U.S.A. with a turkey on it!

Oscars wine number one is Cinas Del Cenit. Abundant Fruit! Lost of berries, blackberry, blueberry, and blackcurrant dominate the nose and palate. Balanced level of acidity with a great minerality on the finish. The Tannins ad backbone to this great spainish bottle for Thanksgiving. Wine number two for Oscar is Chono Riesling; from the Bio bio valley in Chile. Made by Alvano Espinoza. Pioneer winemaker of Chile. Captive nose with hints of dry apricot, and orange peel. Superb acidity and dry finish make this wine a standout among Chilean whites.

Finnally, Ben chose two wines as well:
The Desvignes Morgon 06. A great Biodnyamic Winemaker- related to Lapierre (a famous producer of Beaujolais). He makes in a fully natural style, with very low Sulfur. Beautiful fruit with bright cherries and great candy apple notes, plus a smooth mouthfeel and great dry finish make this a great turkey choice; plus it has hints of allspice and cranberries- making it a perfect match for the traditional side dishes we serve on Thanksgiving.
And a White- Arbois from Villet- a wine from the Arbois reigion in France made of Chardonnay. A killer chardonnay noise with just a hint of wood and stony minerality. Bright apples, apricot and bread, plus the stones and a slightly fruiter finish. Amazing- and would be truely a refreshing change with turkey. Also- this is a Biodynamic wine as well.


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