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Saturday, November 15, 2008

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Hi everyone,
I wanted to talk about a new item we just got in- a very rare white baynuls from Galliard. This is a great dessert wine that ew just got in stock- beautiful gold in color, not overly heavy in texture, and with a gorgeous smooth and soft mouthfeel. The nose is all honey, quince and sweet candied citrus; and the taste is like grape quince orange candy . . just amazing.

The second wine is the Zenatto Ripasso from the same growing zone as Amarone- this Vailpolicella. We have this in both half bottles and full bottles. Great wine made from partially dried grapes (imagine trying to make grape juice from raisins!) it has intensity and depth as well as a deep rich purple brown color. Intense and pretty with grapes, floral and oak smells. Grape and earth complexity in the mouth.

Thanks for reading.


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