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Thursday, October 16, 2008

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So, last night was the final presidential debate for elections here in the US, and of course many of us were watching. I was raised in near Washington D.C. and of course politics was a way of life, we talked about this the way people here talk about the yank's! I sort of watched the debates while yelling at the television (about every third word from both sides caused me to be up out of my seat, and waving my arms around!). So, whatever side you are on, and which ever issues get you- I hope everyone gets involved. Today I'd like to talk about what to pair with a debate!
I drank from two open bottles of wine, the great Muscadet from Pepiere, a great bottle with some great minerality and some amazing lemon and orange notes this day. I also had a bottle of the Domaine de Blanes 'Clot' open. This wine is great, and really quite a focused wine for a bottle with merlot grenache and syrah. Its organic, and tastes very grapey, with complex minerality and some earthy notes. Fun stuff.
Paul, our resident merlot buyer was drinking Yingling beer and yelling at his television. In an informal questionaire today, people drank everything from nothing to bottles of barolo from 1998!
Have a great day.
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