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Saturday, October 11, 2008

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Hi everyone,

I had one amazing wine experience on vacation and I'd like to relate the story here.

We were in Port Angeles after attending a music festival on Whidbey Island. Port Angeles is a great town quite near the border of the Olympic National park. There is a great restaurant in town called Bella Italia. Aside from being a great place to eat, they have a great wine list with a lot of local wines on it. We went there last year and were determined to get back this year.

During our meal (chanterelle salad, and ravioli for me, and Dungeness crab and Salmon for my wife) we noticed a big table with a lot of people and a huge number of bottles on it. After finishing, I commented to one of the people at that table they had some great wines (Turley Zin - several vineyards and vintages); the response was "grab a glass". We quickly joined in! It turns out we happened on the owner, Neil Conklin, the wine captain and the manager as well as several of their friends tasting.

There was a vertical of La Sirena, made by Screaming Eagle Winemaker Heidi Barrett. I drank some great wines. My favorite was the 1995. The wine was great, with leather, tar and cherry notes; totally mellow and just amazing. We also tasted the Turley Zinfandels, and they showed up to party; big, rich, and surprisingly great with notes of grape and hints of oak. Not overpowering, and just a joy. Also tasted some great wines from Walla Walla Cellars, as I had mentioned to the people at the table I liked Cabernet Franc from Washington State. This wine was nice, still showing grip, and showed off the great wines the state is capable of.

All in all a great time. Thanks to Neil and Jim, and everyone at Bella Italia. We had two great meals there this year.



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