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Friday, October 10, 2008

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I recently went on a trip to see a music festival in Washington state, in a town called Langley which is on Whidbey island. While a great little town, its a bit touristy, and expensive; I learned this last year while I was there for the same festival (Djangofest Northwest).

This year I sent myself a box of wine, including some favorites from our store. One was a bottle of Tempier Rose, from Bandol; one wine aware friend commented that it tasted like champange (very astute)  without the bubbles, but complex and floral and dry. Also, a magnum of San Vicente Rioja, just amazing, soft and pure with great earth, smoke and clean rasberry flavors plus hints of vanilla and leather - one of my favorites! I gave away a bottle of Sesti Brunello, and we drank a bottle of great Chardonnay from Beaujolais made by Jean Paul Brun at Terre Dores.

Check them out! There will be more later- I had two really great local wine experiences that I'll write about tommorow.



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