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Saturday, September 13, 2008

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Hi everyone,

So this week I am pretty excited, I mean in addition to it being then end of the summer, and thus the start of the year in our industry. I am getting to drink up some fun wine this week.

First up is the Erbaluna Barolo 99, a great bottle with a generous nose of rose, flowers and nice light grape flavors. In the mouth it showed nice firm structure and great length. All in all a fun bottle of wine!

Next up a Marsanny from Slyvain Pataille 2004. Recomended from a customer, and served often by the glass down the street at Bar Boloud. A great Pinot Noir; Very nice earth, a hint of bret; but once it opened up in the glass (about 15 minutes) is showed great Pinot fruit with hints of oak, and really nice flavor on the palate. I love when customers can turn us on to new wines! Very cool!

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