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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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So There was of course more tastings this week. One of my favorite tastings each year is the Winebow tasting. The reason for this is that they have some wines I really like in their import portfolio- like the wines imported by Kermit Lynch. This year I got to the tasting early enough to taste the whole table of Kermit's wines; and quite a few other wines as well. Here are the highlights:

Dom. Ostertag Pinot Blanc Barriques 06: round and pretty with a typical Pinot Blanc style.

Phillip Colin Chassange Montrachet 05: Round opulent and great! complex and intense!

Guy Breton Morgon 06: Much rounder then previous vintages with a nice solidity for a gamay wine- really different and interesting; great!

Dom. Catherine Le Goeuil Cuvee Le Flesch 05: a Southern blend. Great complexity, coco, blackberries . . . amazing!

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