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Thursday, September 18, 2008

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A very generous client called the store on Monday, asking for bottles from the 1961 vintage. He had done his research, and knew what we had. I was asked to consider bottles for a dinner he planed for a few people at Telepan (by the way- one of my favorite restaurants in Manhattan!). After a trip to the cellar I found him a bottle of Rouzan-Gassies in a magnum format. It was a thrill to see this bottle go to a wine enthusiast who was really into it, and I thought the transaction over.

On the way out he asked if I could come by and have a taste, they'd be eating around the end of my shift. A nice gesture. I went (duh, me miss a chance to taste wine - no!).

It was a very nice occasion; a small birthday dinner. The wine showed great! It was still a dark color with red and brown at the edges. The very aromatic and powerful nose had some port like notes along with cherry, clove, leather and rust notes. On the palate the wine was delicious with bright acidity and quite lively black cherry notes. A great wine, showing quite well right now. And, check it out - we have one left.



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