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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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I promised a while back to give a few details about my California trip. One of my stops was at Iron Horse, one of the best sparkling wine wineries in California.

Well, this isn't that article.

This is about the Iron Horse Blanc de Blancs 1998, which my wife and I drank with Shrimp with Red Pepper and Garlic. The red pepper flakes gave the shrimp (which was served over spaghetti) a little kick. The wine, which was aged on its lees in the bottle for 8 years, was terrific. As a palatte cleanser, it just wiped the garlic, oil and pepper right away. As a taste sensation of its own, it showed the cidery elegance of a 10 year old Blanc de Blancs.

I liiiike it!



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