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Friday, August 29, 2008

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I thought I'd take a moment to talk about some wines that have interested me recently.

On a lot of the online blogs, a subject has come up recently about natural winemakers needing to "declassify" their wines from AOC (Appellation Origine Controlee) to VdT or VdP (Vin de Pays). In order to obtain AOC status for a wine, most regions require a tasting by "experts" or peers to be passed. Some star winemakers have not achieved this in many of their wines - Jean Paul Brun and Descombes in Beaujolais, Nicholas Joly in the Loire Valley to name just a few.

The main reason I can find from here is mostly political; and occasionally seems quite unjust. Thankfully for most of the great producers, when this happens, the wines still find a market. The resulting wines can be very interesting and good values (though sometimes they are just awful as well - like with any wines!).

We carry a few of these wines- The Traveres de Fontanes and the Les Heritiques, and P'tit tannic. They are interesting values and great wines to try.

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