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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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The theme for this months wine blogging Wednesday is "This wine brought to you by the letter S". Very Sesame Street! Hosted by www.grape-juice.ca- Erin and Micheles Blog. Check it- its a great read.

So here are my choices- and both hit the SSSS's at least twice per wine.

The first is a white wine from Domaine Sigalas, in Santorini. This great wine from Greece is a crisp blend of Assyrtiko and Athiri, the two native grapes from Santorini. This wine is Organic and grown on volcanic soil. Bold and strong on the palate this wine shows the great complexity that comes from the soils of this region and has a nice crispness lent to this particular bottle by the Athiri. A great summer white, especially with fish and lighter fair.

The second wine is one of my favorite in the store- and (get this!) a Steal! Syracco from Morocco made from- yes thats right- you guessed it - Syrah! This is great stuff and quite limited. It is a very tasty wine, and though you can tell that it is a hot climate wine, it is still very balanced, and very smooth and elegant, with great Syrah smoke and amazing finish. We found out about this from customer who had it at cook shop. She asked me to get it and it took a few weeks; it has very small production, and is not often in retail stores; but we try to keep it in stock!

Thanks to Grape-Juice and all . .



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  1. You tasted two? You're quite the overachiever! lol


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