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Saturday, July 12, 2008

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Hi guys!

Today I thought I'd talk about wines I love to drink in the summer (reds) that one can serve cold and point to some other people recently who have covered this subject. Recently Mr. Asimov (wine critic for the NY times) wrote about chilled Zinfindel which was quite a treat to see. In California, at Zinfindel producers meetings (BBQ's and so on), they often serve the wines quite cold at the summer events (even though they are big red wines).

On to my list of wines:

1. Nalle Zinfindel 2005 - a great zin, big and rich and smoky and beautiful with great fruit, and still has a great minerality and some (rare in Cali zin's; at least in my book) acidity and structure. Serve cold or at cellar temperature.

2. Cote de Brouilly from Nicole Chanrion - A great wine from the Beaujolais region, made from 100% Gamay. In the one of the best sites in the Brouilly area, this wine is simply one of the best red wines from Beaujolais. Light, crisp and mineral with a good acidity and complexity. One of my favorite wines - serve at cellar temp.

3. Ohitiza's fantastic Irouleguy - This is a very special wine, made in a very unique AOC in France. Mostly from the Tannat grape and farmed biodynamically. Great, massive, tannic, heady wine with good fruit and lots of black spice and brambles - just amazing cold- like a good solid chewy soda; spiced and amazing.

4. Finaly, I'd like to remind people about one of the great wines of Switzerland - Dole. We have one from the well respected producer Robert Gilliard. This style of wine is light, clean and mineral - made from the classic grape combo of Pinot Noir and Gamay. Beautiful and light with apple and strawberry notes and good structure and earth- a great wine at any temperature- but I prefer it cellar temperature.

I hope you try some of the wines and enjoy them. A word about temperatures - By cellar temp. I mean around 55 or so degrees (farenheight), and by cold I mean milk temperature- like around 40 or so degrees.

Thanks for reading!



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