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Friday, June 20, 2008

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I've written before about my Carbonarra and sparkling wine, so I'll skip the food part and get right to the wine.

Last night's wine was the Chandon Brut, from Moet & Chandon, the company that makes Dom Perignon. This is from their California property.

The bubbles were fairly large, and the mousse (foam) dissipated quickly. The nose was of pear and lemon, and the flavors followed through. There was no sign of biscuit or yeastiness. Fairly light bodied. Not a disappointment, though I hoped for more.

On the whole, it was a tasty, if very simple wine. It won't make anyone forget about real Champagne, but at the price, it wasn't meant to. It worked just fine as a beverage for a Thursday night supper, and it would be nice to sip on a lazy summer afternoon.



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