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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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I thought I'd give this days blog to my favorite Rieslings, the amazing wines of Alsace, France.

Two of the staff favorites as well as my own here at 67 wine. The wine is from the great small producer Domaine Otter and Fils. its the Riesling Kastelweg, 2003. This is a great slightly sweet style with amazing weight and viscosity. The nose on this wine is amazing, evoking minerals, pears, and peach flavors, with a somewhat evolved complexity typical of middle aged Rieslings from this area (leaning toward but never getting to petrol and rocks- give it another 10 years, and then pretty sure it will smell like petrol, rocks and peach jam). Just amazing wine, great with charcutorie, cheeses and amazing during an 'appetizing' brunch of traditional bagels and lox, smoked salmon, and whitefish, blintzes and cinnamon rugelach.

The second wine is a great full dry style Riesling made by Domaine Weinbach from the Clos Des Capucins cuvee, the current vintage is the 2005 (a great vintage!). This is a great full dry aromatic riesling with great complexity, very elegant, lighter and racy on the palate. The nose quite nice with a full peach nose and nice dry minerality. Beautiful with fish and light soups.

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  1. Alsace produces the greatest wine I have ever tasted in my life. with every ingredient slightly sweeter than the other produces the worlds greatest wine.


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