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Saturday, May 24, 2008

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I went out for a business lunch on Thursday. It was a little networking thing put together by Roberta Zlokower, who writes an eZine called RobertaOnTheArts.com.

We went to San Domenico, an excellent Italian restaurant ( 23,21,22) on Central Park South. Several people had the special (Butterfish), another had scallops, and I had a simple, yet very interesting, pasta with halved cherry tomatoes and vanilla bean.

It was definitely a white wine table. Since I'm in the business, as they say, I was asked to select the wine. I chose something I had never had, based on what I'd heard of the grape and the reputation of the producer. The wine was Jermann Venezia-Giulia Vinnae 2006. On the wine list it was listed as a Ribolla Gialla, but is actually a blend of that grape plus Fruliano and Riesling. Wine Spectator hit it right on the nose with their description. "Interesting aromas of peach skin, apple and cream. Full-bodied, with plenty of fruit, a thick texture and a long finish." I don't know what peach skin smells like (peaches, perhaps?) but this wine had a big, complex nose and intense flavor. It was wonderful with my dish, and everyone at the table seemed to have enjoyed it.

The importer (Neil Empson) has a great description of Silvio Jermann, his winery, and the wine.

There is a good chance we'll start carrying this wine shortly. It was that good.

/ Paul 5/24/2008


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