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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Yesterday's mystery wine was a bit more difficult than the prior weeks to unravel. This was our first old world wine. Although a good representation of the style, a blend with oak aging adds a few more aspects to the wine that the prior choices did not have.

This week's wine was the Bodegas Lan Rioja Crianza 2004.
It's a soft styled, red fruited, tempranillo with sweet oak that gave structure and spice. The aromas we straight up rioja, the palate could lead one to believe otherwise by its fruitiness, and the oak was strong enough that the grape could have seemed a more thick skinned variety.

Most customers who played were spot on in picking up the old world style, with a few guesses for Bordeaux and one for Burgundy. For the first week, no one won the 25% discount for region and type. We had a few players who declined to venture a guess, but enjoyed the wine anyways.

The staff fared better this week, which is not always the case! Evelyn, our General Manager and former Spain Buyer got it right away. Bart was close in guessing Ribera del Duero. Ben was torn between Bordeaux and Spain, finally guessing incorrectly, but given points for mentioning Spain.

I hope everyone reading will join us for next week's Mystery wine. I always try to pour something that is representative of the region and style. We discuss what signals wines give you about where they were grown, how they were handled, and what aromas and flavor are indicative of particular grapes. I always pick something that offers good value that we don't usually feature in our regular tastings.


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