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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Hi everyone,

Last night I had the honor to attend a dinner hosted by one of our clients who is a Bordeaux fanatic. This dinner was accompanied by an amazing horizontal (several wines from the same vintage) of great Bordeaux wines.

The food was amazing, a salad with a great Pecorino Romano cheese, followed by pork and bone marrow with potatoes, and then a cheese course and two fantastic tarts (one was a pistachio tart- sublime!).

The wines we tasted were as follows, accompanied by my tasting notes and the vintages of each that we have in stock here at 67. All reds were tasted blind; two with each course of food, then desert wines followed with the cheese and desert courses. All in all a amazing experience with very nice people who were sincerely into wine and enjoying themselves.

The first wine was the 1970 Cos d'Estournel from the commune of Saint Estephe, The color was a light rust brown with hints of red, the wine's aroma had fully reached the "secondary" stage, it smelled of earth (red mud, like in Utah, just after a rain), dust, with hints of cherry, and truffle and spice (clove) as well as a bit of orange. In the mouth it was soft, pleasant with a slight acidity, but no tannin, and very little structure or fruit. All in all a wine past its prime, but with a little left to offer. We carry this wine in the 2004 vintage, which in fact was better rated by critics.

The second wine was the 1970 Lafite-Rothschild. This first growth was an interesting experience to taste second, and to taste in a horizontal like this - especially blind. Amazing. This was my favorite of the tasting and still was clearly an "old" wine . . but great. The color on this was perhaps the lightest of the bunch, with a very pale cloudy light red, but had an amazing nose of cherries, lead, orange and clove spice and a hint of truffle and earth. This wine had more complexity and structure, as well as fruit and a bit of tannin and structure in the mouth, still soft and round though. It was clearly old; still, I think it had a lot to offer and was very, very good. One taster found it "lovely" and one found it to have quite a high acidity . . perhaps too high. I however thought it was the second best wine of the night, and the best red hands down!! We have this wine, the 1970 Lafite, in both Magnums (1.5 Liter) and Jeroboam (3 Liter) sizes!

Number three was the 1970 (see the theme!) La Mission Haut Brion. This wine had even more to offer; more complexity and tannin, structure and fruit. In my opinion, it was a little less soft and elegant (though still amazing, pleasing and good!). The color was leaning toward a brown color with a little red, and cloudy - darker than the last two wines, but still clearly old. On the nose it was earthier, with hints of smoke and cherry, lighter fruit and more pepper spices. The mouth was much more fruited and spiced than the last two wines, but still with very little tannin and structure. Nice, and a great example of older Graves.

The final red was the 1970 Pichon Longueville, Comtesse De Lalande from the superstar commune of Pauillac . A wine for the ages, this was still fully tannic, structured and had lots of dark red color and purple tints. I thought this was a much younger wine. Very cool. This wine smelled of blackberries, spice, earth and smoke. A great nose gave way to a tannic, structured and over the top mouth with much more body and less softness then any of the other wines. . . Just amazing that a wine of this vintage would be in this condition - it could easily go ten more years!!! We have Pichon Lalande in several sizes and many vintages, going back to 1975.

All in all I thought this was a great experience and am looking forward to the next tasting this client hosts.

Thanks for reading



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