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Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Today I thought I'd write about our new "world" wines, or wines from lesser known areas (which you might have guessed, I buy for the store; and love!!!).

Today I'd like to tell you about five wines, two whites, and three reds. I'll start with a white from Croatia, from the Katunar winery on the Krk island. The vines are trained in a bush shape and the native grape is Zlahtina. This wine is great; crisp, mineral, with grapefruit and golden raisin flavors. Just a nice spring wine; great with salads, or on a picinic lunch of cold cuts and cheeses. I also have a red from the same winery (more on that in a second).

The next wine is a white from Hungary made from native grapes. Craftsman Winery's Kiralyleanyka is made by winemaker Akos Kamocsay. This is another great crisp white, with a bit of soil, loads of floral notes on the nose, and a great flavor of citrus on the palate (read mayer lemons). The finish is a bit less dry then most wines, but this is a find, and a really amazing bottle for greek cheese (grilled!) or before the meats are served at a southern style BBQ (with slaw, salad, potatoes and the like).

On to the red wines! Back to Croatia for a great red based on Syrah, but with the native grapes of Sansigot and Debejan. They are found only on the Island of Krk near the town of Vrbnik. This great red is full of fruit and earth, with a nice stripe of mineral flavors. Blackberries and Pepper on the noise leading to a palate full of berries, bacon fat and rich flavors. This wine is quite good and has a nice weight. It's amazing with burgers and grilled foods. Nice and intense.

Next a very rare red, one from a "famous" wine producing region. From the Rheinhessen region of Germany, this is a Dornfelder Trocken from Windish wines in Mommenheim. This great lighter red is a genetic cross created by August Herold in (get this!) 1956 to adapt a red to the rather cool German climate. This wine, while lighter in weight actually has a nice dark color in the glass. In flavor, it's full of lighter cherry, and darker plummy notes, much like a great Beaujolais Cru. For pairing choices, it works well with a nice range of food. Of course the best matches are dry salamis and Grilled Sausages, but also chickens, rabbits, and softer cow's milk cheeses.

Finally we have a wine from Mexico; well, actually from Baja California called Jubileo. This great wine is patterned after the great California meritages and drinks like a nice fruited cali, but with a very hot climate style; lots of burnt fruit, and a fair amount of spice - this wine also gets a fair amount of oak. It needs a nice steak, or perhaps some sort of carne asada, something substantial and spicy goes great.

Enjoy the wines!!



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