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Thursday, April 3, 2008

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Here is our entry into this months Wine Blogging Wednesday; hosted by Gary V. (who is an amazing taster, and great wine "advocate")

The theme for this month is Cabernet Franc from France, Including some of my personal favorite wines from the Loire valley in France. These are great wines, and the range now from light to medium heavy. Great wines. The most famous of them is Chinon, Olga Raffault is possibly my favorite, and is Paul's favorite as well; though for different reasons. I love older wines, and particularly wines from "off" vintages, and this winery (like Lopez De Heredida in Rioja) back releases older wines going back into the 60s. Amazing wines.

Paul likes the Raffault wines due to the fleshy, fatter style then many other Chinons; Particularly in very hot years (2003). I thought I'd mention a few other wines- The great wines from the forgotten AOC of Anjou often include a great amount of Cabernet Franc, and some Gamay- they are lighter and quite refreshing, with great aromatics.

Finally I'll mention the best Cab Franc I had this year (though we don't carry it, and as far as I know- I can't get it on this coast). I was on a trip to Langley, Washington, and spent a few days in Port Angeles, just at the edge of the Olympic national park. There is an amazing slow food Resturant there called Bella Italia, great food! While on the trip I constantly asked for the best and closest local wines at each place we ate, and here they poured us Camaraderie Cellars Cab Franc- it's amazing and worth every effort to seek out. (and yeah, I know it's not French!)

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