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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Today I'm going to turn you on to some of the best bloggers in the local blogging area (mostly NYC based) for wine and food. Two of my favorite blogs on the net are Dr. Vino - at http://www.drvino.com, and Brooklyn Guy at http://brooklynguyloveswine.blogspot.com.

They are both great writers with things to say about wine, food, and other things of interest (organics, farming, restaurants) to wine fans. In the same vain, Dr. Vino has a great book coming out in a few weeks. It's called the politics of wine and looks fascinating, like its going to be a great read!

Recently, I also had the great pleasure to meet another local author, Alice Feiring, who has just finished writing a book called "The Battle for Wine and Love (or how I saved the world from Parkerization)". This also looks like a very entertaining read. Look for both books to be out by the end of May at the latest; the blogs are updated very regularly.


Ben 04/16/2008


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