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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Recently I have attended a few very interesting tastings; some were inspiring, and some were not; it might inspire some of you to try new wines, and to taste with your friends. The first one was hosted by a good friend and wine saleswoman extraordinary. She created a great tasting group and asked everyone to bring a bottle of "safe" California wine (safe being in a dry European style) that would be intriguing. There were several interesting bottles, and I thought it was a great theme for a tasting; unfortunately the best wine at the tasting was a Vouvray sec sparkling wine she pulled out of the cellar in frustration!

Next was a great tasting of wines by Polaner Selections including several very, very good wines from France, Spain, and the USA. Just amazing - though this tasting is huge (over 3000 wines) and crowded, it is a tasting I would not miss again any time soon. Some favorites that we have on the shelf included the wines from Jean-Paul Brun, including the Beaujolais l'Ancien and the Moulin-a-Vent. The amazing d'Ouphia wines Les Heretiques and the Minervois; which are amazing, and some amazing California wines (Meybach Materium); just amazing.

Finally on Monday nights, we are hosting a new weekly blind tasting, calling it the "Mystery Wine" tasting. We are offering extra discounts for anyone who can correctly identify the grape varietal or the region, or both. Blind tasting is, without any doubt, one of the great ways to teach yourself about wine, plus it's a lot of fun. Today we poured the Shooting Star Zinfandel from Mendicino county; The tasting was great fun, I guessed the region and climate (Though I thought it was another "cooler" climate for California) but the grape for me was totally obscured by the oak flavors. One customer guessed it, but she changed her mind. Fun tastings - I recommend everyone try to get to a bind tasting, and start a tasting group with like minded drinkers; both are a great way to spend some time educating yourselves about wines.


Ben 4/22/2008


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