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Friday, April 25, 2008

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Good Afternoon,

Here in Manhattan we are enjoying the amazing spring weather. I am spending a part of each day seeking out new and interesting wines from lesser known areas and a few known areas, but less common types of wine for you to try. I have found some pretty amazing products and thought it might be fun to mention them and the stories behind them.

The first is a wine from Morocco, Domaine Ouleb Thaleb. This product is pretty amazing, made from Syrah, and called Syracco; the consultant winemaker is Alain Graillot, a great wine maker from Crozes-Hermitage. This is great stuff and quite limited. It is a very tasty wine, and though you can tell that it is a hot climate wine, it is still very balanced, and very smooth and elegant, with great Syrah smoke and amazing finish. We found out about this from customer who had it at cook shop. She asked me to get it and it took a few weeks; it has very small production, and is not often in retail stores.

The next two wines are imported by "IPO" wines - Ibanez Playen Offerings. I went to the tasting they hosted recently in NYC at the request of a writer friend (who's book I mentioned last time - thanks Alice!) who thought I'd enjoy it. It turned out to be a very good idea, as they picked up some of my favorite wines from the great importer Kermit Lynch. I was very interested in meeting the winemakers and tasting some of the wine. I chose three of them for our shelves, and met the winemakers for two more that we already have.

Bandol is well known in France and the rest of the world for its amazing reds, and great roses. I found a crisp amazing white wine from Terrebrune, which is a fairly well known Bandol winery. This organic wine is made from Clairette, Ugni Blanc, Bourbolanc, and Rolle. Amazing crisp, complex and citrus flavors this wine is a great bottle.

Next we have some "VDP" wines from the Cotes de Catelanes, The winery is run by a winemaker who is originally from New Zealand. Matassa is a certified organic winery from the far south of France, and are using the "VDP" or Vin De Pays classification to the best advantage. They make nontraditional, terroir driven wines from native grapes. The white is very hard to get, and one of the most earthy whites that I've ever tried. Showing great mineral notes and hint of oak, the fruit is mostly tropical.

Thats it for me today - I hope some of you will consider these wines on your next purchase.




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