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Friday, April 4, 2008

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This week I added four new California Chardonnays.

Gann is a ripe, round, tropical, slightly oaky Chard. Prototypically California in style, but very well done. It will sell for $27.99.

The St. Clement Chardonnay comes from vineyards in the cooler Carneros Region. This one is less tropical than the Gann, bright and lively. It will sell for $19.99.

I did some tasting today with Timothy Clark, the National Wine Educator for Ste. Michele Wine Estates, and we tasted through the wines of their latest aquisition, Stag's Leap Wine Cellars. Stag Leap's Napa Cabernet was one of the wines that put California front and center of the world wine map by winning the famous Paris Tasting in 1976. Warren Winarsky, the founder, still runs the winery, but he will retire in a few years. We tasted both the Stag's Leap and Hawk Crest wines, which are made by Stag's Leap. I bought a couple of cases of their barrel aged Stag's Leap Chardonnay. You don't taste oak or butter, even though a percentage spends some time new oak and goes through malo. It shows big flavors, and is incredibly well balanced. It will sell for $33.99. We already carry the Hawk Crest Chardonnay. Not as intense, it shows more tropical fruit and lower acidity than its better known cousin. It sells for just $12.99.

I'll post pictures and links when they become available.


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