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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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As I wrote in the last post, when I go to my brother's house I get to visit my wine. I made the three deposits I wrote about, and I made one withdrawal. The withdrawal was the bottle we drank that night. Looking over the wine in the cellar, and going by who would be drinking, I decided to open the 1996 Silver Oak.

Silver Oak is truly one of a kind. The wine is known for being rich and concentrated, with a thick layer of vanilla that coats the tongue. We tasted this at the winery years ago. We bought two bottles; one we gave to my brother (David) as an engagement present, and this was the second. It has always been my brother's favorite, so I knew it would be a big hit.

If you like the style, you would have loved this one. I remember it being so jammy and full of fruit that I wasn't sure we were going to be able to enjoy it properly with the brisket my sister-in-law (Rachel) was serving. I shouldn't have worried.

The surprise to me was how balanced it was. While the wine was still full of fruit and vanilla, it has lost the sweet (almost cloying) flavors that it had when the wine was still young. It still tasted young and fresh, and I know I could have continued cellaring it. My co-workers know that I would rather drink a wine too soon rather than too late. I'm not English; I don't want to wait until all of the fruit is gone. I like fresh fruit flavors in my wine. I wish I had another bottle to save for another five years, but alas, it was the only one.

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