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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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There is plenty of good wine made in bad years, just like there is plenty of bad wine made in good years. In the bad years, you certainly have to be far more selective, but in return you can find some great values.

Such is the case with Tardieu Laurent's Cotes du Rhone Grand Bastides 2002. The 2002 vintage in the southern Rhone was pretty much a washout. Chateauneuf du Pape had floods of biblical proportions. When this wine was proposed to me by my supplier, I almost didn't bother tasting it. Of course, I'm glad I did, or I wouldn't be writing this note.

Last night, I opened a bottle of this with a salad and a round of Chevre that was coated with panko crumbs, lightly fried, then baked. The Grand Bastides had plenty of acidity, but also more than enough fruit to carry it forward. Even better, it's on the shelf for $11.99, instead of the $20 -$25 it usually goes for.



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