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Monday, March 31, 2008

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Hi all,

I thought I'd give you an idea of what a typical weekend at work is like; as it might be interesting for some of you . . . and it highlights some of what we are about here on a given day. My schedule is early Friday, from 9-6, and late Saturday, from 1-10. Fridays is project day, due to the fact that its usually pretty slow in the am, and that we have a full staff each and every Friday. I came in, checked my section to remind myself of things to order next week. Then I got online, answered my emails and took in all of the internet orders. After a quick coffee break, I processed the internet orders, usually this is not an issue and just takes a few minutes, however as we have just switched providers, I am spending a lot of time back and forth with customers and our web people. The orders took an hour, and then on to the project of the week.

It has been a goal of ours since renovation to have all the fine and rare bottles cataloged and photographed. I went into the cellar to take pictures and make sure our counts are right on these bottles. Our stock manager and I spent several hours taking photos. Hopefully some of them good, though the goal is to show what kind of wine it is, and the fill level and condition. Here are a few shots at random with links to the items if you click on the pictures.

Top left is a great white burgundy. I thought that was an interesting wine to find in the cellar, as it is a 10 year old white wine, and still drinking amazingly.

Next is a older Pomerol from Chateau De Sales, a great winery, and I have drunk several vintages- though not this one. Still, great wine in great shape for this old from one of my favorite Pomerol producers.

And the last random shot is a very famous wine from a great vintage with a very low production- these type of wines are known as garagistas; and are known for the super high extraction and great fruit.

So, there are some great wines that I found down in the cellar; these are actually photos that I took of them (so, I apologize for the photo issues!). Its kind of a fun project, though there are some sad moments, as we found a few wines with corks floating in them (ARRGH!). The rest of the evening Friday was spent tasting with Mark Davies from noble house wines, and helping customers with there wines for dinner and parties.

Thats a pretty fun and productive Friday; hard work, quite a bit of tasting, and a fair amount of time in the cellar.

Thanks for reading.



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